Book Review of A SUMMER COTTAGE by Viola Shipman

The author delivers another tale from the heart about recently divorced Adie Lou Kruger as she struggles with her feelings of self worth after also going through facing an empty nest. This 40-something woman is looking to start a new career when she decides to turn her late grandmother’s lakeside cottage into a bed and breakfast for women who need a place to regroup and relax, if for only a weekend. The book describes Adie Lou’s challenges and her excitement of rebuilding the cottage and her own life. She finds herself rewriting the story of where and how her life will take place. She’s also determined to learn how to love again. Cheers to Viola Shipman for a superb summer escape! by S.M. OKelly Associate

Estee, A Success Story by Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder tells her story in a thoughtful, easy-going style, which kept my interest throughout the biography of her adult life of developing the cosmetics which made her name famous worldwide. Her first international success was in London, England. Then France, which kicked off many other countries, as far away as Japan, and as close as Canada. She and her cosmetics are a huge hit to the elites as well as anyone else. The book has photographs of her with presidents, princes, and princesses. Princess Grace of Monaco being one of them. Not only women enjoy her line of cosmetics, but she has products for men as well. Estee strived for excellence in her products, using only the finest ingredients. Her customers appreciate this fact. One of the things that struck me the most about Estee was the love she had for her husband, Joseph, and her two sons, Ronald and Leonard. They were all involved in the business eventually. Later, even her daughters-in-law and some of her …

THE SECOND HOME by Christina Clancy

This book is a story of a family that goes through a harrowing event that turns into secrets, lies, and hurt, which could have been dealt with if a scoundrel had not been in the middle of it all. How can one person try to destroy so many lives? The tale starts out as being an uplifting one, when an orphaned teenage boy is adopted by a loving family. Then the unmentionable happens, and the boy seems to turn into someone else entirely. Can his life be turned around? Can the whole family’s lives be saved, or is it too late? The family’s second home on the Cape, which serves as their vacation home for the summers, plays an important role in this emotionally gripping story of family, love, and possible forgiveness. by S.M. OKelly Library Associate


I was looking at an advertisement for an Estee Lauder product, when it occured to me that someone’s name was actually a household word. I started thinking about her and others such as Elizabeth Arden, and realized that I knew absolutely nothing about the actual people these products were named after. Who were they and how did they get their start in business? I decided to check out two books about Elizabeth Arden and Estée Lauder. I got the Elizabeth Arden bio first, so here goes... very interesting by the way! Ms. Arden was born on a New Year’s Eve in the Canadian village of Woodbridge, Ontario. Her parents, poor tenant farmers William and Susan Graham, decided to give her a name the same as a highly regarded English nurse, Florence Nightingale. In her teens, Florence decided she wanted to follow the tradition of her namesake: to be a nurse. That didn’t quite work out for her though. But she did enjoy seeing what was happening in the hospital lab. New discoveries appealed t…

Review of the book "Red Rising" by Pierce Brown

Red Rising is the first book in a series of the same name. It is an epic Science Fiction Fantasy book that is hard to put down. In this future all people are part of a caste society where your color presetermines your destiny. The problem is that the main character's color has been led to believe that they were working away to make Mars habitable for humanity. Mining below the surface for generations. It turns out it was already finished long ago. This leads to a massive uprising and an involved plot that is well thought out. I looked forward to the next book as soon as I finished this one. I recommend this series highly. The first 4 books are on RB digital so enjoy. By Rick Vetsch OKelly Memorial Library

DVD "THE TRIAL" ( and book by Robert Whitlow ) starring Mathew Modine This movie sets a pace that is driven by the determination of a lawyer whose life has been upended by a tragedy in his life where he lost his wife and sons in an auto accident while he was driving. Soon thereafter he is approached to work on a case as a defense attorney. He is defending a man accused of murdering his true love by drugging her and then killing her, protecting himself by drugging himself as a coverup. The opposing attorney is as scrupulous as they come. The viewer begins to wonder if the defendant is innocent or is he guilty. I was pulled into the movie immediately, and now I want to read the book to get all the details not divulged in the movie! This was a good one that I recommend. by S.M OKelly Memorial Library Associate


A wonderful story of memories, heartbreak, love, and understanding as a soldier returning from Iraq rejoins his wife and daughter, but has a very difficult time leaving the war behind. The family is renting a cottage on the shore of Lake Michigan from their elderly landlord neighbor, Iris, who is estranged from the small town in which they live, because she also is dealing with her own heartbreak. She had lost her young husband to his death fighting in WWII, and soon thereafter lost her small daughter to polio.  After decades of being withdrawn, she finds solace only in her beautiful garden hidden behind high fences surrounding her home. Until she meets her new renters: Cody, Abby, and Lily.       Their story is eloquently told by the author and made me laugh, cry, and love every moment reading this book. I highly recommend reading this one. 
by S.M. O'Kelly Memorial Library Associate